When is Enough Enough? The Energy of Money

Expressions of Frequency

The famous physicist Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” The material world we think of as solid is anything but that. The fact is, everything is just a vibrating frequency-an expression of energy. Energetic frequency is the language of life. It is the very fabric of the structures we see here on Earth, whether we see that as a solid, a liquid, or a gas. We can prove this by looking at an atom, the building blocks of everything, including us, because when we do we see some very interesting things: 1) we see that atoms are always in motion, or vibrating at some frequency and 2) we see that the atoms are mostly space, not stuff, not material and not solid.

We experience frequencies all day long, whether we are consciously aware of them or not. For instance, when someone walks into a room and is angry, we don’t even have to look at them to feel the heaviness of that anger energy. Sometimes we are even affected by it, we take it on, and react with our own heavy, angry energy. Similarly, when someone smiles at us, it warms our hearts and we smile, too. This is the experience of frequency.

Coffee tables, water, wind, words, preventable illness, and blame are all expressions of some frequency-energy vibrating at certain speeds. Even money is nothing more than an expression of frequency since it, too, is made up of atoms, which are in motion and consist of mostly space, not matter. And the frequency we apply to money is the frequency with which we experience it.

Projecting Frequencies onto the Outside World

We experience the world-an event, a person, or a material item.Æby projecting the frequencies within us outwards. We do this because we are the creators of our experience-we are that powerful. We see things as we are. This is how one hundred people can experience the same event one hundred different ways. They are seeing it their way, as we see it our way.

The frequencies within us originate from one of two main places: either from our beliefs or from our heart-centers, which is the same as love. When we apply the frequency of beliefs, or untruths, to life, we see things from a distorted point of view, which causes pain, separation, preventable illness, and suffering. When we apply the frequency of love to life, we see things as they truly are. From a genuine, pure place full of freedom, connection with all and healing.

Beliefs are trained ideas about ourselves and the world and are limited, twisted, incorrect points of view that we have been brainwashed to believe as the truth, or as facts. But beliefs are not facts and facts are not beliefs.

By contrast, our heart-centers are authentic and based on abundance. When we experience the world with heart-centered frequencies (love, peace, understanding, kindness, compassion, and connection), we don’t put any spin on what we see, hear, believe, or think. We experience events and people as they truly are. Here, there is always enough. Here, we are always enough.

Why There is Never Enough Money

Most of us have been trained to believe we are not good enough, meaning we are lacking in some way, or many ways. Not being good enough, or lack, is a frequency, a low frequency, and when we project that frequency out onto others, things, and events, we will see them the same way–not good enough and lacking.

When we apply the same frequency of lack to money, it is also not good enough, or not enough. I am not talking about those of us who just lost their jobs and are the main breadwinners of the family or have massive healthcare bills that aren’t covered by insurance. I’m talking about those of us who have enough money to live a basic life or beyond and still believe there is not enough money. Through the frequency of lack, there could never be enough money, no matter how much we have. The training won’t allow it.

With lack comes fear. Anyone who believes they are lacking is afraid of not having enough no matter how much they have. So, the fear of money isn’t really about money, it’s about you believing you are not good enough and then projecting this fear onto money.

The fear of not having enough money is usually part of future fear thinking where we are afraid of not having enough at a later date. It has a lot of What ifs, ifs, and buts in the sentences used to convey the fear. These are all speculation words. Continually repeating such words keeps us prisoners to the low-frequency beliefs and thoughts about money, which is really us being prisoners to our incorrect beliefs and thoughts about ourselves.

This situation can be resolved immediately by coming back to the present moment, the here and now, and dealing with life as it is unfolding in real time. That doesn’t mean we can’t plan for a future expense or for retirement, but there is no need for fear in such planning. Investigate this for yourself and see the truth here because this is how balance returns-through awareness. This is how we move from distorted, trained beliefs to the truth in our hearts.

The More I Have, the More I Am

In our brainwashed, lack-filled, concocted existence, being is equated with having. That means we are trained to believe the more we have the more we are. Put another way, we believe that when we have enough money, we are good enough. We believe we are more valuable, more successful, more desirable, more accepted, and so on. Having things, including money, is the mind’s answer to its own belief of lack. The problem is, since the foundation of this belief is lack, enough never really is enough, including money. It is time to correct this distortion.

To correct this.-meaning we are no longer afraid of not having enough money, or anything else for that matter-means we have to correct the belief that we are not good enough. Doing this redirects the low frequency of energy (lack) that we have been using to experience ourselves and the world around us and transforms it to a higher frequency-one that is heart-centered and based on love. Love is the same as truth-our authentic truth. That authentic truth is this: there is nothing wrong with any of us. No one is lacking in any way.

When What You Have is Enough

Who could believe anything was lacking who knew they were wholly abundant in every way? This is the case for all of us. We are all good enough and, therefore, wholly abundant. This is pure truth. It is in this place that we know that what we have is enough, even if there isn’t much of it.

How do we correct this lie about ourselves that we have been taught to believe as truth? First, by becoming aware of that we have been lied to. Second, by becoming aware of when we are applying lack and the resulting fear to our lives. When we are afraid of anything, look behind the fear to find the story of you lacking in some way, or someone else lacking in some way. It’ll be there. Then stop telling such stories.

Another thing you can do is to become aware of how fear and lack make you feel. If what you believe, think, say, and do feels stressful, makes you angry, makes you feel unsafe, insecure and makes you feel like you’re at a dead-end with nowhere to go, then know the frequency of lack is being applied. This is a big red flag to help you break free.

When you recognize uneasy feelings in the body or when you hear the stories of lack and fear being told, take a moment to come back to the present moment. You can do this by taking ten deep breaths as you sit quietly. Practice this every chance you get. You can reset and rewire the brain to help you deal with life without fear and lack. You can experience the world through the frequency of love. It is in this place that you know you have enough of everything.Ætoday and tomorrow, even money.