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As a presenter, I am very aware that engagement plus quality content equals a presentation that will please its participants and also give them valuable knowledge to take forward in their lives.

This is my recipe when I put together a keynote address or presentation. When I design my presentations, I am acutely aware that everyone is coming to the presentation with their own expectations, learning styles and perceptions about the content I am delivering. For this reason, I like to keep things simple. My presentation style is straightforward and well-researched. I incorporate humor, anecdotes from my own life and stories from the many people with whom I work.

I bring life into the room and for this reason, people can see themselves in my message. They can see clearly their lives at this moment and the promise of what life could be in the future — a life based on connection, healing, joy, freedom and love.

I often deliver presentations on topics such as:

  • Today is the Day You Take Back Your Power
    Get ready to change your life from the inside out! This presentation takes a look at the specific blocks that keep us from experiencing the full potential of our personal power.
  • Mood, Food and Gratitude
    Allow yourself to come back into alignment with vitality, authenticity and love. This presentation offers an overview of the beliefs, thoughts and actions that keep us from better health and true love. In addition, we uncover the motivations behind what we do, looking at the energy of what we see, hear, think, speak, read, and watch.
  • Adult Bullying
    You won’t believe the real reason we bully others. You might find it fascinating that bullies and victims have a lot in common. These are the kinds of issues we discuss and resolve in this presentation. We will look at adult bullying in a whole new light and provide tools to begin the healing that is needed to become free from the pain and suffering.

If one of these presentations doesn’t fit your needs, let’s talk. I am always willing create something new that is customized to you and your organization. I love listening to the needs of others and coming together to create a solution that will be beneficial to everyone in the organization. Whatever you choose, I can assure you that my presentation will be engaging, well-researched, innovative and uplifting.

Is your interest piqued? I would be happy to consult with you about your needs and how I might serve you and your organization as your next Keynote Speaker.

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Testimonials from my previous workshops and speaking engagements


“Bo has a very endearing way of relating through stories using ones that seems to connect with everyone on some level.  Like a good pastor, you feel as if the sermon was directed right at you!”

— Molly H.

“Bo has conducted several informative presentations over the years. Each year Bo provides a new vibrant presentation. Even more impressive than Bo’s thought provoking presentation, is the way in which Bo engages our employees. Her professional and friendly demeanor is welcomed by everyone in the room. The audience is captivated by her presence and completely focused on Bo’s message and her unique style. Bo has the ability to bond with even the most challenging of personalities.  To say Bo is engaging is an understatement.”

— Joyce F.

“As a participant in one of Bo’s workshops, I can say that my mind was opened and I have been exposed to many ideas that I wouldn’t have otherwise. She has a way of shining a light on a new perspective in such a wonderful way. She uses humor, intelligence, insightful questions, and engaging anecdotes to explain her points and engage the audience. Delightful and thought provoking!”

— Heather D.

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