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Praise for "Mood, Food, and Gratitude"

Here’s what people are saying about Mood, Food and Gratitude by Bo L. Arnold.

  • Katarina Van Derham
    “Bo’s insightful and profound book holds important keys to discovering our wholeness.”
  • Candace Kita
    “Mood, Food and Gratitude will show you the “real” you… someone who is exceptional beyond your wildest dreams.”
  • Viva Glam Magazine
    “Breaking down misperceptions of thought, Bo L. Arnold shows us what our thoughts do to us and how we...


“Wonderfully written, with witty illustrations and a professional appearance. The dust jacket on my hardback seems to be of a higher quality, and weight, than usual. Each essay is extremely thought-provoking; Ms. Arnold delivers a timeless message that I think many readers will identify with.”

— D. Allen

Beautifully written and a great reminder of what really works to help us all reach our full potential…Amazing soul. Amazing author. Amazing book.

— Alison Collier

Mood, Food and Gratitude is an awesome book. Extremely easy to read due to the short essay style of writing. A bible for a happy healthy lifestyle by a truly beautiful author. Thanks Bo L. Arnold for writing this great book!”

— Rebecca Flinn, Master Ferrier, Pitlochry, Scotland


“I’m so grateful that I purchased this book. It is now a treasure of mine. It has touched me so deeply and so profoundly. Bo’s words are magic to my soul. I couldn’t recommend this book more highly. It’s one of very few books that I keep on my nightstand so it’s at arms reach to feed my spirit at any given moment. Thank you Bo…thank you.”

— Michael DeFrancesco

“I honestly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about a life of peace, happiness & health.”

— Vicki M., Missouri, USA

Mood, Food and Gratitude By Bo Arnold-I have read this book and find it extremely interesting and helpful. Any age group may find it beneficial. It has made me realize I need to put my thoughts and actions into another direction, to try and make me understand myself. It has opened my mind of how, Mind is REALLY over matter.”

— E. Murray, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Wonderful person, great book. Mood, Food and Gratitude helps the reader to understand how important it is to listen to your heart. It shows us how crucial it is to think positive and teaches us not to use the word can’t but I will do instead. Bo L Arnold is inspiring person. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to read Mood, Food and Gratitude. There is a lot of love in it.”

— V. Sabo, Columbus, OH

“It’s not often you can pick up a book and really connect deeply with the author and their story. You can do so in Mood, Food and Gratitude: Healing from the the Way We Think. Once you begin the journey you will be forever enlightened by the words that are expressed in this book. Bo allows you to step into her journey of self discovery with a clear vision and an open heart. If you choose to, you can embody the truths that are presented in this book and begin to heal from the way you think, moving from non-love to love-the absolute knowing that you are enough just the way you are. Thank you Bo for bringing this amazing teaching forward for all of us to read and learn from!”

— L. Noland, Westerville, OH

“Absolutely powerful, informative and inspiring book. I love the beginning of the book where the Author Bo L. Arnold shares about her personal journey as it relates to an end of a love relationship, her thoughts and beliefs about her own self worth. Then on to self discovery of transformation and wholeness. Since I really enjoy learning about how we think, feel, want and desire; I am grateful that Bo takes us into learning what our thoughts tell us versus what our hearts tells us. What we have been taught and told may not be what we truly want in our hearts are or desires, therefore there is an internal conflict. We become fragmented.What is truth, what is real and who we truly are for ourselves is what many people are seeking and this book helps you with that process and journey.The whole Mind, Body and Spirit are eloquently covered in this book. I especially liked the practices points in the essays. Thank you Bo L. Arnold for an enlightening look within. Gratitude, Love and Light.”

— Rev Rhonda. Schienle

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