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Put Your Own Mask On First: The Women’s Guide To Self-Love

Put Your Own Mask on First: The Women’s Guide to Self-Love

Flying a lot means watching airline safety videos on a regular basis. You know the one—both boring and essential. And the airlines know it is both boring and important so to entice us to watch it, some airlines use comedy while others take a more theatrical approach, making it a production. Though the information is always the same, one line sticks with me every time I watch this video, “Secure your mask before helping others.” When I hear this, I realize it applies to how most women handle themselves and others in their lives—we put everyone else’s mask on first. The problem is, at 35,000 feet, you have 15-30 seconds of breathable air and clarity to put your own mask on to save your life so you can save others. When we put everyone else’s mask on first, we die.

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