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The Truth about Must-Haves

Each holiday season there is an unwritten list in people’s minds about what gifts absolutely have to find their way under the tree. Manufacturers spend billions telling us what we can’t live without — toys, gadgets and whatever the new-fangled craze of the moment happens to be.  

Certainly, we have all been forced to sit through television programming through the years where advertisements inundate a 30-minute program so much so that there’s really only about 20 minutes of programming and a full 10 minutes of selling. And if you pay close attention you will see the same advertisements repeated over and over to the point where you practically have the commercial memorized. This is exactly what the companies expect.

In advertising, the picture companies paint for us is enough to invoke a large belly laugh. Take medication commercials for instance. While the announcer tells us about all of the side effects, headaches, nausea, insomnia, stress, and other effects, up to and including early death, they show us images of people having a great time, excelling at work and enjoying the sunshine with loved ones. But, most of us aren’t laughing. Instead, we believe what we see and believe we must have it. Why? It comes down to one foundational piece in our training—something we believe, without question. We have been taught that we are not good enough and we believe it. This says to us that we are lacking in some, or in many, ways. From lack comes fear.

Driven by Fear

Gratification is an amazing mechanism to observe. This isn’t part of gratitude, though. There is a major difference between gratification and gratitude. Where gratification is based on lack and fear, gratitude is based on being enough—it’s based on truth. Most of us have been taught instant gratification in place of gratitude. Gratification is the ego’s answer to lacking something within. So, in order to be more, we have to have more—more, faster, bigger and better. This is what the marketing and advertising companies know and what they use to sell us their products in most cases.

Believing we aren’t good enough is unbearable for us. To counteract that, we will believe almost anything to feel better about ourselves. We buy into advertising that shows people “living the dream” while using a particular product. We see the happiness, the status, the envy of others – all painted for us – and we latch on hook, line and sinker. And then we climb over each other, get nasty and even attack others to get the must-have item. We can’t be left out. This validates the belief that we are lacking. It’s time to wake up to the lie we have been trained to believe in and see that the only real must haves are truth and love—which are one in the same.

What can we do? We can become aware of this game that is being played with our emotions in our vulnerable state by the corporations who focus mainly on profit at all costs. And most often the cost is to our health and our piggy banks, as well as our relationships. With this wisdom, we can review all options with an open mind and then decide for ourselves if we want what is being sold to us. We can realize that what we have doesn’t make us more of anything. We are already fully amazing without any stuff. That doesn’t mean we can’t have material items. It just means we need to understand that things do not make us who we are.

Back to Basics

We are overdue for change. In our hearts, we know we are. So, each one of us has to correct the foundational lie we have believed in for so long. There is nothing wrong with us—not a single person. We are, and always have been, good enough. This is us at our most basic, authentic level. It is time for us to go back to basics.

Going back to basics means going back to a time that we remember who we truly are in our hearts, rather than believing some lie in our minds. It’s time to remember the interconnectedness of all beings—that there is no separation between us and anything else. In some way, we are all part of each other and everything. It is time to remember that peace is our natural state. This means that being healthy is also our natural state since peace brings health. It is time to remember we are infinite beings with endless possibilities to experience. This is our powerful truth. This is all we must have.

If we are going to create a new “Must-Have” list, we need to let go of the ways of the ego and the things we have been taught about the world. Our new must have list begins and ends with love. All you need to do is remember.

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