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Do I Really Need To Trust You? The Myth About Trust

Do I Really Need to Trust You? The Myth About Trust

The other day, a friend of mine said she no longer trusts life situations or friends, including me. She is going through a challenging time where big changes, out of her control, are happening. To give you an idea of her challenges, her mother recently passed away after a long-term illness and her father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is expected to pass in the coming months. My friend has been the main caretaker of both unwell parents for the past five years. Her role as caretaker is coming to an end and her family structure is changing significantly. Her world, as she trusted it to be, is being rocked off its axis. Anyone would understand how she could come to the conclusion that nothing and no one can be trusted anymore. But I saw something completely different in all of this—I saw something divine.

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